Browse below for free, quick, class videos from IGTV.  For full class videos (15 Minutes-1 hour) to purchase, send me an email. On-Demand classes are purchased through Venmo, and are a one-time payment.  As long as you have the link, you can do the class as many times as you want, they don't expire! Below is a list of On-Demand classes:

-60 Minute LYT YOGA “scapula divinity”
-50 Minute LYT YOGA “Giddy Up”
-50 Minute LYT YOGA “Resilience”

-30 Minute Mobility Yoga
-30 Minute All Levels 
-35 Minute All Levels 
-35 Minute Back to Basics
-Work Smart, Work Hard (27 minutes)
-Mobilize Your Thoracic Spine (35 Minutes)
-Mobilize Your Ankles (26 Minutes)
-Mobilize Your Hips (38 Minutes)
-Mobilize Your Wrists (40 Minutes) 
-LYT Foundational Free Your Asana (45 Minutes)
-Plank Free Flow (28 Minutes)
-Posture Flow (36 Minutes)
-LYT Foundational-Magic Pelvic Bowl (45 Minutes)
-Head to Toe Standing Mobility (26 Minutes)
-Dancers Pose Flow (30 Minutes)
-Side Body Stretch (28 Minutes)
-Hooray for Hip Flexion (32 Minutes)
-Full Body Flow (41 Minutes)
-Low Back Flow (37 Minutes)
-Love Your Spine (33 Minutes)

-20 Minute All Levels 
-17 Minute Standing Yoga
-17 Minute Gentle Yoga
-Get Grounded (21 Minutes)
-Take a Load Off (22 Minutes)
-Chair Mobility (17 Minutes)
-Chair Yoga (17 Minutes)
-Standing Balance (19 Minutes)
-Stretch and Soothe (24 Minutes)
-Goddess Squat Flow (28 Minutes)*discounted for sound quality 
-Morning Mobility (18 Minutes)
-Low Back Mobility (22 Minutes)

-15 Minute Gentle Yoga and Meditation 
-Rest and Digest (12 Minutes)

Check out my collection of free 15 minute classes