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Private classes are great for so many reasons, they can be a great way for you to learn the best practice for your specific body which is especially helpful for  new students, people with injuries/medical conditions, pre/post natal clients, populations where a group class isn't accessible, students who want privacy, people looking for a fun activity to share with friends, etc.  Book a one time, weekly, or monthly class. Scroll down for base prices.

Types of Private Classes:

Class size options:


Small Group (up to 5)

Large group (up to 10)

Event group (up to 20)

Guided Class:

Guided class in any of the styles I teach: All Levels, Beginner Yoga, Yoga Flow, Mobility Yoga, Beginner Flow, Pre/Post Natal, LYT Yoga, Foundational Concepts.

Great for people looking for a fun activity with family/friends/partner, people who have some yoga experience (but not necessary), an activity for a birthday/wedding/bachelorette/event/workplace)

One on One:

A private guided class in any of the above styles with specific cues about your practice/alignment to better understand your body, movement patterns and practice.

Great for people who want a private class, people who want to improve their practice.

Class Tailored to You:

A private class to work on your specific needs (posture/alignment/movement patterns/specific injuries) to get stronger and better brain mapping for more optimal movement. This is not the same as a guided class since we will be breaking each movement down to address your needs and posture. This class will include tactile cues (hands on adjustments) if you are comfortable. I can also teach you movements to add to your daily life to help address your specific needs.

This class is perfect for people wanting to move and feel better, people brand  new to yoga, people looking to get stronger in their yoga practice, people with injuries, pre/post natal, etc.

Base Prices:

Additional fees apply for distance (North County, Morro Bay, etc.) and

early mornings (before 8am), events, etc.

30 Minute Class:

Private (1 student) $35

Small Group (up to 5) $45

Large Group (up to 10) $55

Event Group (up to 20) $65

45 Minute Class:

Private (1 student) $55

Small Group (up to 5) $65

Large Group (up to 10) $75

Event Group (up to 20) $85

1 Hour Class:

Private (1 student) $70

Small Group (up to 5) $80

 Large Group (up to 10) $90

Event Group (up to 20) $100

Students are responsible for their own yoga mats and any props needed, with the exception of "Class Tailored" students where blocks are provided. 

For scheduling, and prices for classes larger than 20 students, email: or use the contact form on the contact page.

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