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Want to learn more about LYT YOGA?

LYT stands for "Lara's Yoga Technique" which is a style of yoga created by Physical Therapist, Lara Heimann.

The three main principles of LYT YOGA  that set it apart are:

Physiology- The understanding of  body movement at a cellular level

Kinesiology- Studying the mechanics of body movement

Neurology- understanding how the brain maps our movement

There are 3 stages of a LYT CLASS:

The Reset, which sets our pelvis and spine into a neutral position for optimal movement

Mobilize, to move and heat the body

The Stream, creates new brain mapping for better movement

This active, core based vinyasa class can be tailored to any level and can be as challenging as you choose.  You will learn about your body, optimal movement patterns and better posture all while attending a yoga class. You will need a yoga block.

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Since starting LYT Yoga, I have become more integrated in my strength, my posture is remarkably improved and I have so much less overall aches and pains. This type of yoga and movement will help you move better on and off the mat. I have had students tell me that running, hiking, paddle boarding all feel better and stronger since starting LYT Yoga. Posture matters and with LYT, you'll definitely see why.


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