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News and updates: (Scroll down for current public classes)

No classes between 5/27-6/3.

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Yoga Classes in Pismo Beach

2023 Schedule starts Monday, January 2nd. Cash/Venmo drop ins. Offered through Pismo Beach Recreation.  Scroll down to see our beautiful oceanfront and ocean view locations for class! Classes at Dinosaur Caves Park are on the Cliff Avenue Side of the park (park in the dirt spaces). Please check my IG/FB for any class cancelations or schedule changes due to weather.

*Mondays/Wednesdays 9:30-10:30am

"All Levels Yoga" at Dinosaur Caves Park

This class includes core work, breathing, basic yoga postures including strength building, balance, stretching and mobility. We will be on our backs, seated, kneeling, standing, balancing, etc.  I offer a variety of movement options so that everyone is working at their own pace.

Kids 10 and up are welcome with a parent/guardian

$15 drop in (scroll back up to see prices for buying classes in bulk)

*Friday 9:30-10:30am

"LYT Yoga" at Dinosaur Caves Park

This energetic core based vinyasa class was developed by Physical Therapist, Lara Heimann to establish better posture, brain mapping and movement patterns.  You will need a yoga block for this class. LYT Yoga is my most physically challenging yoga class. If you are new to my classes, I recommend starting with the All Levels class before attending LYT Yoga.

$15 drop in (scroll back up to see prices for buying classes in bulk)

-all new students must sign a waiver before class.

-classes at the park are offered through Pismo Recreation

*Saturdays 10-11am

"Yoga at Inn at The Cove"

Join me for a beautiful Saturday morning of yoga with an ocean view.  This class is not a leveled class and all people are welcome. The activity level of the class depends on the students who attend, but variations will always be given to accommodate. This class is for hotel guests (free) but is also open to the public ($15)

Kids ages 12 and up are welcome with a parent/guardian

$15 drop in

Expect to work on good body mechanics and functional movement in all of my classes.  I always say, "easy" looking things are hard.  When you really focus on your posture and integrated strength, the simplest movements take a lot of body awareness and usually more strength than you realize.

Yoga on ZOOM: $8 per class (scroll back up to see prices for buying classes in bulk)

Tuesday 9-9:35am 

Thursday 9-9:35am 

*all levels and ages welcome. 

More about LYT YOGA:

You will need a yoga block for this class.  LYT Yoga was created by Physical Therapist Lara Heimann, with the goal of re-establishing optimal posture and better brain mapping for better movement.  The specific blueprint of a LYT class sets you up to move in a variety of ways though an energetic core based vinyasa class.

Book a private or semi private class
Dinosaur Caves Park:

Inn at the Cove:
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